Iron ManHave you ever heard the quote “We create our own demons?”

I heard it from Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the movie Iron Man III. I think Oscar Wilde said it originally, but I couldn’t find the quote.

Tony Stark was referring to how people he had rejected many years earlier returned to enact vengeance on him in a lethal plot to take over the world. Even though he had long since changed his ways, his personal transformation did not prevent the past from coming back to haunt him.

I’ve always found comics to be a useful means to reflect on our own lives, and this is no exception.

This got me thinking… part of being human is making mistakes, right? That includes hurting other people’s feelings, starting as early as not sharing your toys, right?  And we can’t really control if the other person reacts as a violent maniac, right?

But then… just where do our responsibilities lie?

Reflecting on my own life, it is very humbling to come to terms with the part I’ve played in creating my own demons. How about you?

Rather than despair, take heart in how far you’ve come. What positive changes have you made from the “old you” to who you are today? Are you able to notice your part more quickly, and be the first to extend an olive branch?

A note of caution – don’t be too hard on yourself. It may feel like you’re constantly screwing up, or feel as if you are actually getting worse. This is just part of becoming more sensitive, which will make you better equipped to handle any situation as it arises.

Remember – although you may create your own demons, you can also have the power to embrace the Hero In You.

by Fantastic Frank Johnson
Author of “From Flawed to Fantastic

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