Jayne MansfieldThere are great figures who have left world renowned “legacies.” Maybe you will be one of them. Or maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

The thing is, whether you want to leave a legacy or not – you invariably do, because, with every breath, you send a ripple effect through the universe.

You may not even know what your legacy is, until after your death. Take Janyne Mansfield, for example – you may know her has a buxom blond bombshell of Hollywood – but did you know that the way she died inspired a law which requires a semi truck to have a “Mansfield Bar”? This bar saves people from being killed the way Jayne Mansfield was, by preventing cars from running under semi trucks.

Your life is made of countless choices, and you don’t know yet which ones are going to really stick. That’s why it’s so important to embrace your “hero within” and live every single moment conscious that it has to count, because it could be your last. Even if it’s not your last, you have no way of knowing what life-or-death impact a seemingly innocuous choice will make.

by Fantastic Frank Johnson
Author of “From Flawed to Fantastic

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