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About Fantastic Frank Johnson
The World’s First and Only
Inspirational Speaker and Author

FANTASTIC FRANK JOHNSON, TV celebrity guest and recipient of the “Amazing Motivator Award”, is at his dynamic best speaking on stage. Without exception, Fantastic Frank’s audiences are inspired by his living demonstration of overcoming obstacles. Whether talking one-on-one or to hundreds, he makes a personal connection in a humorous, uplifting, and unarmed manner.

Fantastic Frank Johnson

Fantastic Frank Johnson

He lives by the motto “Give Love in Every Moment.” It is something that he feels down to the bone and deep in the heart. Maybe this, expressed with sparkling eyes and unbound enthusiasm, is what makes him so captivating.

When you first meet him, he will already be loving you, wanting the best for you, willing to do anything in his power to help you, laughing with you, and getting right down to the nitty gritty of your life, as would a dear friend of many years. He is like this with everyone he meets, everywhere he goes, whether they be someone waiting in the same line, a CEO, a waitress, a professional colleague, a telemarketer, a high level consultant, a guest on his radio show, or a child. Your heart will want go out to him, if you let it.

Each traumatic brain injury (TBI) is different, from a mild concussion to a permanent disability. In Fantastic Frank’s case, something really magical happened. A deep compassion for mankind awakened. The typical social barriers of superficiality which people generally put up to protect themselves simply do not exist. He disarms people with the sincere way he says “God Bless You,” to a wrong number phone call, or “Thank You,” upon being criticized. He is completely real, emotionally expressed, and personally revealed, warts and all, 100 percent of the time.

Upon awaking from a coma 35 years ago, Fantastic Frank was told it is a medical miracle he is alive. After years of struggle coming to terms with his new life, he made a series of breakthroughs in living an optimal life. This has culminated in dedicating his life purpose to helping others overcome challenges and change their lives by living their passion. Each day he wakes up asking himself what he can do to help someone else.

In his desire to help everyone, Fantastic Frank uses a variety of means to get out his inspirational message. To help kids discover their hidden talents, he wrote a comic book called “The Young Explorers©.” He shares the specific proven strategies of his own breakthroughs with the how-to format of his book “From Flawed to Fantastic.” A prolific writer, Fantastic Frank writes articles, a newsletter, and a blog.

As host of the Fantastic Frank BlogTalkRadio Show, he interviews inspiring figures from all walks of life, so that his audience may benefit from their stories and information. When hosting his show on the Brain Injury Radio Network, he tailors his content and guests to help others with brain injuries.

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