trump-clinton“Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile.” – Abu Bakr

The other day, I had a lengthy discussion about the upcoming US Presidential Election with a good friend, only to find out that he does not vote!

Please  – Get Out and VOTE! – with this caveat: be informed, and consider the source of your information!

Even if you think the system is “rigged”, by not even showing up to vote, you are abdicating your democratic right – a right which is yours because other people in our nation’s history lost their lives earning it for you.

In 2014 Afghans had the same voter turnout – 58% – as Americans did in 2012…The difference being that Afghan voters were plagued with suicide bombers and threats that their finger would be cut off. Is American complacency leading to the end of democracy?

Don’t think your one tiny vote will make a difference in a country of about 219 million eligible voters? Just recall the 2000 election in which a mere 537 votes in Florida clinched the presidency for George Bush.

And as I write this, the electoral college map is changing day by day as countdown fever ramps up. You can even color your own version of the electoral college map. 

In this particular election especially, many people feel that voting is like rolling the dice…. some people are even betting real money. I am not encouraging you to do so – just pointing it out as a sign of our times.

by Fantastic Frank Johnson

Author of “From Flawed to Fantastic

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